Safe Supplies and Naloxone Delivery Requests, Feature Image

With the recent spike in overdose deaths across DuPage County and other collar counties amidst COVID-19, Live4Lali and Hope For Healing have teamed up to deliver safe supplies including naloxone to anyone in DuPage County during COVID-19. These supplies include fentanyl test strips, clean equipment for all modes of consumption like syringes, and pill disposal kits. They also provide safer sex supplies, including condoms and lubricants. This service can be accessed by texting or calling 224-297-4393 and is entirely confidential. Along with delivery, outreach workers can provide virtual education and counseling on the use of safe supplies, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and other health information. All outreach workers can provide peer support and advocacy with a friendly, understanding and compassionate advocate, and care navigation services.

Safe Supplies and Naloxone Delivery Requests

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