Harm Reduction

Our first effort is to fund a mobile unit managed through Live4Lali one day a week. This unit will be focusing on harm reduction​ efforts within the DuPage county area. Harm reduction is a model that maintains human dignity, while reducing physical, mental and emotional harm in the most practical way by meeting those who are struggling where they are at.

In 2021, Hope for Healing was awarded a grant from he DuPage County Board and the HOPE Taskforce to bring harm reduction services to DuPage County.

Education & Stigma Reduction

Our goal is to engage the community and start a dialogue about drug use, addiction and the potential stigma that it carries. We seek to foster a culture of compassion and understanding to those that are struggling. We intend to kick off this effort by partnering with local middle schools, like Hinsdale Middle School, to educate the youth and their parents.

In the future, we also hope to partner with continuing education programs for educators and local law enforcement to help de-stigmatize and change our mindset within this field.