Harm Reduction Means Respect, Dignity, Compassion

Dear Friends –

We are so grateful to all of you for being so instrumental in helping us make a difference for those suffering from Substance Use Disorder. Your contributions have allowed us to take what was once an idea discussed around a dinner table and transform it into real impact in our community. More on the work we’re doing below.

The holiday season is a tough one for the Stefani family. As we celebrate with friends and family, there is a looming and constant reminder of the empty seat at our table. That pain is magnified by the many wonderful families that we have met along our journey who have to face that same stark reality – an empty chair – this holiday season.

All of your support has provided us with hope. It helps to remind us that while there are many wonderful people who are hurting because of addiction, and while their suffering often leaves holes in families, we have been empowered to do our part.

We thank you all for this gift you have given us, but we also must acknowledge that our work is far from complete. This holiday season, please consider making room to support people who are struggling, because if there is one thing everyone deserves this holiday season, it’s a second chance.

Steve Stefani

Donate Now

Our Harm Reduction Mobile Unit will be launching in March of 2020. The unit will distribute safe supplies to prevent disease, fentanyl test strips and Narcan to prevent death from overdose, counseling, and a pipeline to treatment and other types of medical care. Most importantly, the harm reduction mobile unit will offer compassion and human dignity to those in need.

In December, we met with other partners to share an update on our joint efforts to address issues related to substance use disorder in our community at the DuPage Community Town Hall meeting. We are scheduled to give two more presentations at Town Hall meetings in early 2020.


Free this Saturday? Join us for a fundraiser at Fitz’s Spare Keys in Elmhurst. This special show, featuring TSAB & Friends, honors our friend, Dustin Garza. All proceeds raised will support our mission to end stigma and support recovery for those suffering from substance use disorder. More info here.

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